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Development environments for beginners

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Author: Seth Vincent.

Currently at: 100 pages.

Version: 0.4.2. (changelog)

Last updated: May 19, 2014.

Development environments for beginners

### Set up ruby, javascript, and python development environments

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When I first started programming, learning the languages was the easy part compared to figuring out text editors, version control, testing, and all the different tools that come along with writing code for a real project.

My goal is for this book to help flatten the learning curve a little, so that going from hello world to a working on a complex application isn’t quite as difficult for you as it was for me when I started out.

About the book

If you’re not sure how to choose between programming in ruby, python, or javascript, this guide will get you familiar with the tools, syntax, and workflow associated with each language.

By comparing ruby, python, and javascript development environments you’ll get a strong sense of which language best fits your style.

Maybe you’ll learn that you want to work in all three, or two out of three. Whatever happens, you’ll be able to use this guide as a reference if you need help remembering how to set up a development environment for any one of these three languages.

Main concepts you’ll learn:

  • command-line tools
  • virtual machines
  • text editors
  • version control
  • package managers
  • documentation
  • testing
  • language basics
  • intro to web frameworks


v0.4.2 – May 13, 2014

  • typo fixes submitted by Jason Li
  • fixes from suisea
  • add instructions for viewing the site in the browser to ruby, js, python chapters
  • improve vagrant instructions in ruby, js, python chapters

v0.4.1 – February 28, 2014

  • small typo fixes

v0.4.0 – February 26, 2014

  • revise introduction
  • expand 02-whatisdevenv
  • improve windows instructions
  • add to vagrant section
  • update editors chapter
  • add resources to git section
  • change DevEnvs folder to dev-envs
  • add npm scripts info to javascript automating tasks section
  • update js import/require section
  • add resources to javascript section
  • the automating tasks sections of ruby & python chapters need actual content
  • add to ending summary.
  • fix typos and clean up resource link text styles

v0.3.0 - Feruary 3, 2014

  • add sublime text editor tips and small typo edits/revisions
  • add info about package control to sublime section
  • fixes from suisea
  • update git and javascript chapters

v0.2.0 - October 26, 2013

  • Expand terminal and vagrant sections
  • Add vagrant instructions to ruby, javascript, and python chapters

v0.1.4 - September 30, 2013

  • Add ruby/sinatra extended example
  • Add python/flask extended example
  • fix some typos

v0.1.3 - September 27, 2013

  • Add to unittest and other edits in python section
  • Add extended express example to javascript section

v0.1.2 - September 3, 2013

  • added rake, grunt, and fabric sections
  • initial work on python language basics

v0.1.1 - August 18, 2013

  • added language basics to javascript and ruby chapters
  • added a bunch to vagrant chapter
  • added to terminal chapter

v0.1.0 - August 17, 2013

  • started all chapters!

About the author

Seth Vincent is an independent programmer, designer and writer experienced with a wide range of programming languages, web frameworks, and content management systems. Previously he’s worked as a writing tutor and as an advisor of a student news organization, advising on technology, journalism, and leadership. He is a co-organizer of, Code for Seattle and SeattleWiki, and owner of super big tree.



twitter: @sethdvincent